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WZ/MW3 Nuke Rewards

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  •   Urzikstan Champions Quest - What is included?
    • Operator Skin: Meltdown 240
    • Weapons Camo: Acerbic Roil
    • Emblem: Number 1
    • Weapon Sticker: Nuke Crew
    • Weapon Charm: Atomic
    • Calling Card: Big Boom
    • Weapon Sticker: Warning: Nuke
    • Emblem: Dangerous Material

  • How long does it take?
    • We will get in contact with you and once we sort out all the information to log in and start the service wait time are typically 24-72Hrs
    • We will do our best to deliver services faster then our wait times but know that we are human and we will make it a priority to take care of you to the best of our abilities.

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