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War Thunder Helper

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Blatantly using Aimbot, hitting perfect shots above 2km, aiming through walls and abusing the tool can result in manual bans! Play it safe.


- In this software, for accurate anticipation, a really huge variety of different parameters is taken into account. For example, such as: the speed of the enemy, the speed of the projectile, parallax, the direction of movement of enemy vehicles, the direction of movement of their own vehicles, and much more.
- Lead marker parameters are configured for almost all vehicles and are set automatically for each tank or aircraft.
- With the introduction of server replay views, AIM has been changed to a safer version, which instead of direct aiming makes a smooth aiming of the sight to the lead marker. Thus, the aimbot is practically invisible on the server replays of the game.
- By default, AIM aims the gunner in the turret, but this can be adjusted with the PageUP / PageDOWN

This software displays the contours of the vehicle model, making it visible behind obstacles. The contours are precisely adjusted to each tank model.
The software also displays the distance to opponents in kilometers and the model of equipment. Please note that the software only displays illuminated vehicles, that is, if the game client knows the location of the tank or its activity, then it will be displayed.