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Dark Aether Camo

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Unlock Type

- Unlock Dark Aether Camo
Will unlock all CW zombie camos.
You will not unlock any weapons or weapon XP.

- Unlock Service
All Reticles
All CW DLC Guns Unlock
All Zombies Cards (Including Dark ops)
Event Blueprint's Unlock
Tonnes Of Challenges Unlocked
Plus Some Emblems
List -

- Max Aetherium Crystals

- Hard Unlock
Syncs to Warzone

How It Works
- Add the hoster and join the party.
- Dark Aether Lobby hosted on Cold War Zombies.
- Zombie Calling Cards Lobby hosted on Cold War Zombies.
- CW Multiplayer Calling Cards Lobby hosted on Cold War Multiplayer.

After You spawn in:
- Stay AFK
- Lobby typically will take 3 mins

If you do not own Cold War game, the process can be done through recovery.

What does Recovery Service mean?
Since you do not own the game, we will be logging in your account on our xbox/ps in order to join the lobby to perform the service needed. There is no risk involved in it as no tool will be used on your account, you are simply providing us your xbox/ps info so that we can game share on our xbox/ps and do your service.