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Very exclusive stuff for the launch build:

- Full Unlock All of all camos (all mastery), weapon vaults, attachments, calling cards, operator, skins and more
- SHADOW BAN BYPASS (it really works!) If you are shadow banned you'll be able to join normal lobbies like nothing happened
- Logs that will notify you if your account has certain anti cheat mitigations applied to it such as rubber bullets, hidden players, under manual review, or if you have been reported recently. Until we flush out this feature, this information is only printed into the output.log file where the launcher.exe is downloaded.

A full list of features for the product are available below.

General Features
  • Completely Stream Proof (fully invisible, perfect for YTer & Streamer)
  • Safe Mode (limits the features to the safest)


Aimbot Features

  • Advanced smoothing feature with customizable settings.
    (Random smooth values each time)
  • Dead- zone and customizable humanization features.
  • Bone selection / aim at closest bone to crosshair.
  • Recoil control system. (fine tune the amount of recoil you want)
  • Accurate bullet travel prediction and player movement prediction.
    (Aims ahead of the enemy so you always hit the shot)
  • Auto select target - swaps to a new target if they are close to your crosshair
  • FOV adjust - Shows a visible indicator of the FOV value
  • Aim key - toggle aimbot via an assigned key or mouse button
  • Save different configs and switch between them easily.
    (Save unlimited number of custom profiles)


Player ESP Features

  • Draw Names
  • Draw Skeleton
  • Draw Weapon Icon
  • Draw Trace Line
  • Draw Bounding Box
  • Draw Teammates on ESP


Radar Features

  • Show the orientation of enemies and if they are shooting


Misc/ Extra Features

  • UNLOCK ALL - (Unlock every item in the game including camos, operators and titles/ emblems)
  • SBMM bypass (WORKS)




- Artis is not responsible for any actions taken against your accounts.
- This helper has existed for MW & WZ as well since launch and has been undetected since then. If you go obvious and get banned manually, that is totally on you.